Searching for Americana

‘Round My Door
Threshold 089

The “Americana” label is often appropriated by those who think “folk” isn’t commercially viable, or don’t want to be associated with the right-wing über nationalism of “Country.” Done properly, though, Americana evokes the American character through nostalgic looks at the rural past, common man tropes, and regional diversity. To hear it at its best, check out ‘Round My Door. From the opening reinterpretation of “Pastures of Plenty” to the concluding grunge-on-the-rails “Hell on Wheels,” Dana and Sue Robinson introduce us to farmers, hobos, and workaday folk in the Appalachians, across the prairie, and up to Spokane. Dana’s warm voice, poetic lyrics, and solid guitar work blend perfectly with Sue’s claw hammer banjo, piano, and vocal harmonies. Under any category this is one of the year’s finest releases.

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