Manny the Role Model?

At first I was inclined to dismiss the revelations in Joe Torre’s book that Alex Rodriquez has a Single-White-Female-like obsession with Derek Jeter. But every time the dude opens his mouth idiocy pours out. The latest was his remark that he wished that his Dominican Republic teammate Jose Reyes was leading off for the Yankees. Reyes just happens to be a shortstop, Jeter’s position, and the Yankees already have a pretty decent leadoff hitter, Johnny Damon.

A-Rod’s remarks were probably intended as praise for the talented (and young) Reyes, but when you’ve got as much controversy swelling around you as A-Rod you need the maturity to realize your every remark will be parsed and dissected. A-Rod wants to become MLB’s all-time homerun champion and he’d like to do it where it matters most: New York. He’d better grow up in a hurry, or the Yankees will eat his big contract and ship him where the lights shine dimmer. Lord knows that Manny Ramirez is seldom a role model for anybody, but Manny doesn’t talk to the media. A-Rod needs to do the same thing: shut up and be the best player in the game. --LV

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