The Low Anthem an Indie Enigma


Oh My God, Charlie Brown

Nonesuch 519598-2

*** ½

As the Sundance Kid once queried, “Who are those guys?” This Providence, Rhode Island-based quartet gets classified as “indie folk,” mostly because no one knows how else to pigeonhole them. What else do you do with sweet country harmonies (“OMGCD”), trippy folk (“To Ohio”), and punk-tinged rock (“The Horizon is a Beltway”)? They seem to be all of these and a few other things as well. What they’re not is ordinary. Tell me you’ve seen lots of bands that throw a pump organ, a singing bowl, oboes, horns, cardboard box percussion, and a musical saw into the instrumental mix. I enjoyed this CD quite a bit and their live performance even more. Apparently David Letterman likes them too as they appeared on his show on January 12. I’ll just call them an intriguing enigma and encourage you to check them out for yourself. Their stuff is all over YouTube. Listen and if you’ve got a better handle for them, let me know.

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