Make Romney Show Us the Paperwork!

Pay back time!!!!

They screamed, “Foul!” and “He’s a Kenyan.” Remember back in 2009 when the Tea Party, the Ditto Heads, and the Assorted Loony Right tried to undo the Election of 2008 by insisting that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States? Remember how the Obama administration declared their cries were too trivial to act upon? Remember how the Rightwing Rats kept crawling upon the political deck until Obama finally caved?

Good, because turnabout is fair play. The Mitten (Romney) insists he paid a 13% tax rate over the ten years for which he won’t release his tax returns. First of all, a man as wealthy as The Mitten should be paying 35%. That aside, I don’t believe him. I think Harry Reid is right and The Mitten didn’t pay any taxes at all. Let’s hear from everybody to the left of Attila, “Release Your Taxes! Release Your Taxes!” I’ve seen Barack Obama’s birth certificate and it’s online for Rush and all the rest of his Brown Shirts to see. Now I want to see The Mitten’s tax returns. What’s he hiding? Until he shows us his taxes, I will believe Harry Reid. And if you think that’s unfair, I say, “Here’s a dose of your own medicine. How does it taste?” 

Assuming The Mitten does release his taxes–probably the day after hell freezes over–here’s the next response for those of us who can’t stand the Great Flip Flopper. Breathe in and yell out, “Fake! Fake!” When you tire of that one try, “Let’s See the Cayman and Swiss Accounts.”  If that’s too much of a mouthful, just oink, yell out “Piggie! Piggie!” and hoist signs that ask, “Why did Romney Pay a Lower Tax Rate than My Grandma?” 

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