Marcy Marxer Serves Up Another Winner

Things are Coming My Way
Community Music 206
* * * *

If you’ve got a blues, country, gospel, or old-time song that can be plucked, picked, or strummed on any kind of stringed instrument, Marcy Marxer will play it and make you happy that she did. Her latest collection of present and future standards has three tracks that pay direct tribute to Django Reinhardt and several others that mirror his gypsy soul and loose jazz influences. There is an especially sharp interpretation of Reinhardt’s “Montagne Sainte Geneviève” in which she tosses off swift runs on her Gibson L4 like so much dust from her soles. She gets positively 1920’s Hawaiian in her ukulele-laced cover of “I’ll See You in My Dreams,” goes swamp bluesy on “Kissing In the Dark,” a song first popularized by Memphis Minnie in 1953, gives a folk treatment to the title track, and joins forces with Cathy Fink and Grace Griffith to gives an Andrews Sisters spin to “It’s the Girl” and "Girl Django." Heck, Marxer even gets down to a bongo beat on “Brasil.” The one thing she doesn’t do is get on board with the flavor of the month. Marxer’s albums are generally delicious throwbacks and this one is no exception. So step into the Way Back Machine and enjoy the ride!--Rob Weir

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