Turntables on Las Ramblas a Generic Bore

Turntables on Las Ramblas
Wonderwheel Recordings

False advertising! The title of the new compilation from DJ Nickodemus suggests he’s going to show us how the Catalonians party. Instead it’s just a mix tape of stuff he played on a recent trip to Barcelona, only the last of which actually comes from local artists. The opening track, “Palenque Barcelona” is actually from Colombia’s Los Chicos Altos, whose sweaty, bright brass rhythm section is easily the best thing on the album. Track two, a remix from DJ Vadim of “Flyaway/Mariella” is also catchy, but the rest is as generic as no-name paper products. If this is the future of Hip Hop, House, and Dub, label those genres “days of future past.” Even if I were inclined to drop some Ecstasy and crank up the suds-making machine it would be a hard to get excited about this collection. I’m not and was bored to distraction.
Rob Weir

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