Mist Covered Mountains Showcases New England Celtic Talent

This Distant Shore
* * * 1/2 

Mist Covered Mountains is Québecois/Celtic fiddler Donna Hébert; her daughter, vocalist Molly Hébert-Wilson; and peripatetic guitarist/vocalist Max Cohen. Western Massachusetts locals will recall that Molly had an amazing voice when she was a tween; as a mature young woman, there’s added depth, luster, and sparkle. The Distant Shore features a few well-traveled Celtic songs, including “Fear án Bháta” and “The Parting Glance,” each very well done. Especially noteworthy is “Katie Cruel” in which Hébert-Wilson’s voice punches through a muscular arrangement in which Cohen channels Bert Jansch, and Hébert’s fiddle sizzles. Even better is Hébert-Wilson’s gorgeous and sensitive cover of Richard Berman’s “The Gifts.” Cohen takes the lead vocal on three tracks, including the hilarious hidden track “Hamster Heaven.” Make sure you don’t remove the CD until that one plays! Pioneer Valley residents can catch a CD release party at the Montague Community Hall on November 30.

Rob Weir

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