Dodgers Should Repete in NL West

National League West Preview 2018
Big Blue and Who are You?

Were it not for the fact that baseball is a crazy and unpredictable game, this would be a no-brainer. I'll hedge my bets only to say that it would take a reckless person to wager on any team not called the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the NL West.

To Win: The Dodgers have the most talent by far, especially now that Bellinger has had his breakout season and Pederson has matured. Grandal, Seager, Turner, Utley, Puig…. Add the best pitcher in baseball in Kershaw, a decent supporting cast, and Jansen to seal the deal. The Dodgers are so above the rest that even though every other team in the division except the Diamondbacks improved, they are still miles behind LA.

To Show: The San Francisco Giants have the second best pitcher in the MLB in Bumgarner. They added McCutchen and Longoria to go with Posey, Belt, Panik, and Pence. If Cueto and Samardzjia pitch close to their overrated) reputations, the Giants should make a big jump.

Darkhorse: The San Diego Padres added Hosmer, Headley, Galvis and a few other moving pieces. The pitching is suspect, but if they catch a wave they could surprise.

Predicted Finish

1. Dodgers: Too much talent to lose the division, though probably not enough to win the World Series.

2. Giants: I'm still puzzled about how badly they tanked last year, but I think they'll break precedent and shine in an even-numbered year.

3. Padres: If the pitching is decent, they'll push the Giants; if not, it will be different cast, same show.

4. Rockies: They look as thin as the Denver air, yet they always seem to be better than experts think. Roster-wise they should finish last, but they never seem to do so.

5. Diamondbacks: Greinke is hurting and I don't think some kid from the minors will replace him. And you don't subtract J D Martinez and expect Souza to fill the holes between Goldschmidt and Lamb.

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