Beware the chair!
Welcome to America, the land of contrasts. What other place on earth can crank out nine Nobel Prize winners and Dennis LeRoy Anderson in the same year? You’ve probably never heard of Anderson, but you should: he embodies America’s weird, innovative, and silly side. Anderson managed to get himself busted for DWI whilst sitting in a La-Z-Boy recliner.

Yep—that’s right, a La-Z-Boy. The sixty-two-year-old Anderson ripped up an old lawnmower, mounted the Briggs and Stratton engine to his chair, detailed his creation with a stick shift, a stereo, a National Hotrod Association sticker, and few cup holders. The latter came in handy when Anderson drove his chair to a local bar in Proctor, Minnesota, and downed eight or nine beers. As Anderson “motored” his way toward home, he plowed into a parked car. Anderson was cited for DWI when it revealed he was a plush lush with a blood-alcohol level of 0.29.

Anderson got two years probation for drunk chairing. Maybe the judge should have ordered him to stand in a corner!

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