Brian Dolzani
Plum Street Records 104

* * * ½

Reviewers who beat me to the punch have dubbed Brian Dolzani’s new release “nerd rock,” and he a “bookish and bespectacled Bob Dylan.” Several have noted that he’d be very much at home in The Decemberists. Let me add this observation: If Brian Dolzani hasn’t listened to a lot of early Neil Young and Crazy Horse records we’ve got one of the greatest coincidences of all time on our hands. In the upper register Dolzani even sounds a bit like Young. Check out “Water” and you’ll hear this immediately and, though his voice doesn’t echo Young as much on “Lovers,” its ever-so-melancholic piano-based arrangement could be a lost track from After the Gold Rush. There’s another dimension to the Neil Young comparisons—Dolzani’s voice isn’t going to blow you away. One of the album’s most catchy song is titled “Midrange,” and that pretty much sums up the vocals. That said, Dolzani knows how to rock out. In fact, he’s so good with melodic hooks and catchy bass lines that he’s restored some of the fun to rock and roll that’s been bled out by meandering jam bands and formulaic Nashville projects. Is he another Dylan? No, The Decemberist and Neil Young comparisons are better ones. But having just made the latter my advice is to forget all of the analogies and check him out for yourself. It’s fine just to be Brian Dolzani.

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