Romney and Ryan: Hypocrites Incorporated

We shouldn’t have been surprised. Mitt Romney not only picked a vice presidential candidate with whom he’s comfortable, he got one whose purchase on truth is no better than his own. I will remind you that everything Mitt (rhymes with…) now opposes he was once for. “Obamacare” is almost exactly the program Mr. Mitten signed into law in Massachusetts. He also welcomed gay marriage in the Bay State, but now he’s really, really against it. Don’t get me started on where Mitt once stood—on slippery ground I now realize—on a woman’s right to choose, on military spending, on public education, and on federal aid to states and municipalities.

Enter Paul Ryan—rhymes with lyin’—who says we need to dramatically downsize government. Ryan says that special projects, earmarks, and government-subsidized big-budget initiatives are especially evil--unless they benefit his Wisconsin district that is. Lyin’ slammed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act as a “wasteful spending spree” and voted against it. That’s what he did in public, but like his greasy running mate, his Mr. Hyde private side was a different matter. He wrote four letters to the Obama administration Energy Department requesting millions of dollars for a Wisconsin “green” geothermal energy project, the likes of which his Tea Party supporters decry as extravagant frauds. He also wrangled $5.4 million in earmark funds for Wisconsin for things such as improved state bus service, a scenic trail, and a transit network for his hometown of Janesville. (Why, one might ask, did a city of over 63,000 not already have such a system? Guess it couldn’t get enough federal funds until Santa Ryan put it into its stocking.) Oh yeah, Ryan also lobbied in favor of the auto industry bailout. Do you think the feds helped Janesville when its General Motors plant closed? If you answered “yes,” take a gobble from Congressman Ryan’s Big Bag of Pork. 

Romney and Ryan—two hypocrites from the same corporate mindset: screw you, as long as I get mine. Well… water finds its own level. So does shit. 

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