Sara Hickman's Newest: Little Voice, Big Sound

Kirtland Records KR-77
* * * *

If you think that women with small voices can’t make big records, check out the latest from Sara Hickman, who is certainly the best news to come out of Texas lately. Shine is true to its title, songs that uplift, outrage, and bring joy, but nothing that just lies on the plate. This is a work of maturity in which Hickman showcases how she frames a song. She knows when to go girly and when to add a whiskey-soaked rasp to her voice, and she delights in using fragile vocals to front muscular instrumentation. Her love of contrasts extends to moods as well. On tracks such as “Cocky Friend” and “Primitive Stuff” she wears attitude like a rodeo queen strutting around in hand-tooled boots, yet on songs the likes of “Human Wish” and “Rapture” she exudes all the tender fragility she assumes when she’s doing her children’s songs gigs. Add splashes of girl-group- meets-New Wave, some rockabilly, and some truly offbeat folk, and it adds up to ten fabulous tracks.  Rob Weir  

This one is hot off the presses and there aren't even YouTube clips yet, but you can order it from http://sarahickman.com/music/

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