Ten Reasons Why Clinton Lost and Democrats are Losers

I get no pleasure saying I told you so, but I did.
I originally planned to run a movie review today. Somehow that seems trivial in the wake of last night's electoral disaster. There's no nice way to put this, so I'll just get in your face: Americans are dumber than a pig shit pie and liberals are the dumbest of the dumb. Congratulations! Once again Americans are the world's laughing stock. It would be hilarious were it not for the fact that we've just surrendered the nation to the powers of darkness. Once more the Democratic Party proved itself as useless as a woodpecker at Legoland. Shame on those foolish enough to trust the Dumbocrats, a mistake about which progressives warned you. The party of the New Deal and Great Society has been dead since Jimmy Carter and his Round Table buddies put a stiletto in its heart in the 1970s. Bill Clinton twisted the knife in the 1990s when he enacted Republican economic and social programs. Barack Obama, though a decent person, simply didn't have enough fire in his belly to fight party bigwigs. Make way for the new Il Duce.

The election was lost when the primaries ended with Hillary Clinton atop the ticket instead of Bernie Sanders. Clinton is everything that's wrong with the Democrats. Let me count ten ways:

1. Clinton is an insider chosen because she manipulated machine politics more suitable for the early 20th century, not the early 21st. The word "hack" was often applied and that's not unfair—it's descriptive.

2. If it boggles your mind how a tyrant like Trump could convince wage earners he's a better choice than Clinton, it shouldn't: he at least used the term "working class," even if he didn't mean it. Clinton, like most post-Carter Dumbocrats, wouldn't recognize a blue-collar worker if one bit her in her privileged keister. She's Wall Street and Walmart—and I don't mean Walmart shoppers. Bernie spoke of the 1%; Hillary (like Trump) is part of the 1%.  

3. I predicted over a year ago that the Dumbos were vulnerable on issues of free trade, immigration, terrorism, and being perceived as catering to special interests. I think free trade is the biggest fraud ever foisted upon Americans, so I'm with Trump on that issue. Trump, however, is a Neanderthal on immigration, countering global threats, and social issues like transgender rights, drug interdiction, and race. Still, where the Dumbos needed to show nuance, they doled out sanctimony. It's not enough to be right—one must also be convincing.

4. Hillary seldom rubbed elbows with the hoi polloi. Trump worked the rallies; Clinton worked fundraisers. When she did tried to connect with "ordinary" folks, it was painfully clear she didn't actually know any. Supporters can cry "sexism" until the cows come home, but Clinton simply isn't likable. Unfair? Double standard?  I don't think so. She chose to be a public person—a job that demands you work on something called "people skills." Sorry Hill, but your I-wanna-be-a-player roots were exposed.

5. When Bill Clinton ran for president, the message taped to the bus read, "It's the economy, stupid!" Did Hillary ever read that sign? It's a good idea to have a POTUS with knowledge of world affairs––once that person is actually elected. Look it up, though–winning geopolitical quizzes isn't a vote-getter. Call it parochialism if you'd like, but self-interest rules the ballot box.

6.  Harry Truman once observed that if you give voters a choice between a faux Republican and a real one, they'll choose the real one every time. Liberals should be ashamed of supporting Clinton, a military hawk, an economic free trader, and a social elitist. What, exactly, made you think she was one of you? Her campaign came down to "Vote for me; I'm not Trump." Voters asked, "Who are you?" She tried to rest on very old laurels and it didn't work.

7. Another thing about which I wrote: Clinton became the candidate by winning a bunch of primary states that Democrats were never going to win in the general election. We heard so much about how she resonated with black voters and Sanders didn't. So what did she gain by winning the black vote in South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, and other redneck Red states? And where was the vaunted minority vote in North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania?

8. Tim who? I actually forgot Kaine's name several times during the campaign. His impact extended no further than delivering a narrow victory in Virginia, which was already a blue state. Why wasn't there a Latino on the ticket? Oh yea–Clinton doesn't know any.

9. Barack Obama energized young people. Hillary Clinton never made them feel the Bern.

10. Speaking of the young, I knew graying second-wave feminists had a problem when most of my female college students were Sanders supporters. It's time to dump a carton of sour milk; the third- wave feminism of the young finds second-wave feminism ideologically rigid and irrelevant. A few years of Il Duce might cause fourth-wave feminism to look more like second-wave, but that's not the case currently. 

Let me say to the Democratic Party before Trump does: "Losers!" RIP. Time for a new party based on aggressive progressive values, not soft-shell liberalism. There's plenty of time. What happened last night will resonate for an entire lost generation. Look for the following:

·      The Supreme Court is lost. (Blame Obama for not fighting for his nominee.)
·      Roe v. Wade will probably be overturned as national policy.
·      The Affordable Care Act will be repealed. Life expectancy will drop.
·      Immigration restriction is a given. A border wall with Mexico is likely.
·      Black Lives Matter will be eviscerated—perhaps violently.
·      The Social Security system is imperiled. Parts will be privatized.
·      Neoconservatives will complete their conquest of higher education.
·      Worker rights are dead in the water. Plutocracy will supplant democracy.
·      Kiss the living wage goodbye. The wealth gap will widen.
·      Draconian crime bills will become routine. So will more mass shootings.
·      Get used to terms like "honey," "broad," "girl," "babe," and "chick."
·      What global warming?
·      The de facto national slogan will be: "Welcome to America. You're on Your Own."   

I hope Donald Trump does put Hillary Clinton in prison. She should be jailed for the crime of turning the country over to the biggest thug since Robert Mugabe. I'm furious about the election, but my greatest ire is reserved for starry-eyed liberals and Democratic policymakers. I'm not on board with you anymore. Not after last night and not in the future—if we have one.   

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