Uncommon Visions at Forbes Library

Susan Boss, Mark Brown, and Michael Tillyer
Forbes Library

You only have a few days left to catch a fine show of three Western Massachusetts artists, whose work is on display on the second floor library. I like local art shows for precisely what this one does; it provides new ways of thinking about things in contexts we've not see many times before.  So here are some pictures to whet your appetite: surreal paintings from Mark Brown, contemplate textiles from Susan Boss, and—a personal favorite—the whimsical sculptures of Michael Tillyer.

If you can't make the show before it closes at the end of the month, check out Websites. They may not be household names (yet), but they are worth discovering.
Brown: Harvest. Isn't the late summer garden explosion just like this?

Boss: Our Heads are Round. Take that, blockheads!
Tillyer: The Simmerer

Tillyer: The Artist's Wife

Tillyer: Bird on a Branch

Tillyer: Five Unopened Things (box, package, book, letter, apple!)

Tillyer: Rex (Some might recognize Rex from installations at Art in the Orchard)

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